What happens when you combine the best chocolate malt drink and blend it with the richness of aromatic, full-bodied premium coffee? You get Vicakό, an instant and convenient premium chocolate malt coffee with a twist. Vicakό is full of flavour and is available in Regular, Less Sugar, and Rich for your choice of a decadent drink to kick start the day or give you that extra boost of energy you need.

Instant & convenient

You can enjoy a good cup of chocolate malt coffee without the hassle of brewing it yourself or visiting a coffee shop. Vicakό lightweight packaging is always ready to go!

Pick-me-up drink

The faster-pace living is stressful, and our bodies crave a boost now. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or just feel a bit tired, Vicakό is here to offer you the spark of vitality to get you up!

More than just coffee

“More than just coffee.” It is how we define Vicakό. The perfect balance of chocolate malt drink and coffee is giving a distinct drinking experience that is irresistible and enticing.