All chocolate is made with love. Vochelle is no different. Our love for good quality chocolate has led to our very own blend of 100% premium cocoa butter to create rich and delicious Vochelle chocolate. Adding a mix of ingredients such as Almonds, Hazelnuts, and Dried Fruits, we’ve even managed to create layers of different textures and flavours. Thus, enriching your taste buds with each bite and producing gold standard chocolates.

Premium quality

Made with the international quality standard, the Vochelle chocolates are masterfully crafted with premium ingredients to ensure great taste every time.

Indulge in every bite

Our divinely irresistible texture coupled with the balance of the real cocoa butter taste melts in the mouth with the intense creamy aromatic flavours, making it a perfect treat for all chocoholics.

Ideal for sharing & gifting

From a particular occasion to a simple “suddenly thought of you” gift, Vochelle has the perfect answer for all gifting occasions with its tempting flavours and stunning packaging.